The culture within the land

The world we see today has been very progressive and transforming with every passing day. Everyday we are witnessing a change, be it in our society, be it our workplace, or be it in our very own way of thinking. It is safe to say that yes we are transforming. I personally a “nineties kid” who was thrilled to see a computer for the first time back in the day remembers very clearly the paint program that was taught in our class. And here we are today where a smartphone is way too much smarter than the desktop we saw as kids.

The transition from cassettes to CDs and from CDs to DVDs, from DVDs to pen drives and now the cloud we bare witness to it all. Just like this everything we once thought cool and new has been obsolete and replaced with something way cooler than that. But not only just technologically we evolved but mentally also we saw ourselves changed. This is the reason we find ourselves amazed and yet make us nostalgic about the things that used to be a normal are now seen in some far fetched areas.

One such experience is of the society acting as one. It was a normal for everyone back in the day that whenever there used to be a function of some sorts the entire neighborhood would come together to help and organize with the family. Unfortunately we don’t see it that often. People sitting together, helping each other, talking while sipping their hot teas, telling stories of all sorts, laughing together this beautiful lively site has just gone extinct in cities. But it is and I can definitely say it will remain embedded in the culture of a beautiful hill state Himachal. If you ever visit this place then apart from breathtaking views this site is also equally mesmerizing. They still has the tradition where be it a marriage or be it some tough time to family the entire village will work as one big family. The best part of it as per my observation was that if you have a celebration then you have to invite everyone, but if there is a mishap in the family then entire village will come out to help voluntarily. This is not just a relif to family but a big burden being shared also the grief being shared.